Are We Getting Closer to the Perfect Device…

Now the Apple Watch has arrived we must be near to the perfect device? Apple enthusiasts will insist this is the end for everybody else but for those of us who have not rushed off to buy a shiny new Apple product there are still plenty of options out there.

Apple WatchI have been an early adopter of may new technologies for quite some time – since my first Psion organiser in 1998.  As I have matured however, I have been far more discerning about when to dip into a new market, and I have been clearer about what features make a new bit of kit work.

I have been interested in wearable tech since the first Garmin brick I wore on my wrist to go running. Like most people I loved not only the run but the excitement of connecting to my laptop via its USB link once I got home to see where I had been, how far I had run and at what pace. I have had heart rate monitors for over a decade. I am not even a very serious runner, but I have been interested in my health, and what shape I am in for years. My love of tech and sport has been a perfect combination for keeping an eye on the killer app and hardware.

As you will know from previous posts I started getting serious again when I was given a Nike Fuelband. The elegant design really caused great interest in those who saw it and the clever gamification and creation of Nike Fuel Points in competition with my wife was a great motivator for us both. It was a useful insight into where physical activity was built into our lives. Sadly after about 13 months both our bands ‘died’.

I held off  buying anything else for some time because I now had a clear idea of what my perfect tracking device would look like and what it would do. I was still impressed by all the bits of kit I was using – but like so many people I don’t want to need a range of devices and still carrying round my iphone on a run.

To be honest if I was waiting to buy the killer device I would still be waiting. Each of the latest offerings still fall a little short. But I was bought a jawbone UP24 for Christmas and I was really pleased to bump into CEO of Myzone Dave Wright and am now testing and using a MYzone heart rate belt.

As my Jawbone UP24 has died in the last few weeks I am sorry to say it has not stood up to lasting 7 months of daily use. jawboneu3

I will be blogging my experience of both devices in the next week or so, and having a quick look at all the latest wearables and why they still don’t quite get my vote to be the complete tracker device for all my needs.

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