Sports Innovation is all about using the latest gear, technology, techniques and evidence to get people more active more often and creating a sporting habit for life. We are people who don’t fear change and innovation but embrace it for the sake of creating an active nation.
We will be showcasing the latest products and ideas as they hit the market and creating a community where common solutions can be found and the right people networked across the sector to create greater synergy. We are fed up with Silos in sport and simply want to genuinely share best practise across the sector to benefit everybody. Nobody has THE answer but together we can achieve more.

We will create events, forums and services where we bring innovators together with sports and leverage the economic benefits of harnessing this creative innovation. We will showcase the best ideas, developments and entries to the market. We will encourage and share. If you like a tech, a new wearable, an innovation in the way a sport is delivered we want to hear about it & share it with others who can learn from you.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help or work together.